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An Important note about archiving your film / shooting.
At the risk of making short unusable your internal filings related to historical films ,documentaries, commercials and institutional whatever could become a tragic reality. This is because thereading systems ribbons of various sizes in your possession will no longer readable due to structures telecine and duplication now disused recorders are no longer functional.
The formats in question are : FILM 35 mm/16 mm/ super8 / 8 mm or TAPES D1,THUMB , DIGITAL or ANALOG Betacam , DVCAM , DVCAM , 3/4 UMATIC ,BVU and VHS. All this because the new technologies of recovery of files do not need dell ' use of recorders and tapes, now considered obsolete. We therefore recommend , ( before it's too late ) the conversion and transfer of your Master to tape or film on file resulting in storage on the hard disk that you enable the vision and the export computerized systems.
Our structure, well known in the industry for the great experience and professionalism is able to offer yet.
Today this service and at the same time you may want to seriously consider with care the our proposal , also because dated efficiency of these machines is also related to spare parts electronics and mechanics become increasingly rare in the recruitment at the manufacturers .
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