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Color Grading from :

Alexa, Red, Phantom, GoPro, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic.
5k/4k/2k/HD/SD compressed and uncompressed video file formats .
Telecine from ​negative/positive film, 35mm (3p/4p), 16/s16mm, 8mm.
Tape to tape from SD Betacam Sp/Digital, D1, DvCam, MiniDv.

Duplication :

D1 - Digital Betacam - Betacam Sp - DvCam - MiniDv - U-matic - One Inch - Vhs - Dvd and all major video file formats.

Video encoding / transcoding.

Dvd authoring and mastering.

Offline editing :

Avid Media Composer 7
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