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Since i was younger in addition to sports I have always shown a keen and lively interest in technology and especially for systems Dos , Windows and Linux later. I find, therefore, a great starting point in the study as an expert witness specializing in electronic and computing systems across the hardware that surrounds it. As a result of increasingly specialized in electronics and electrical engineering i conclude the process of apprenticeship with a famous chain of electronics stores and computer assistance.


In addition to the many sports activities, have always had a great passion and curiosity to the world of film and visual effects, especially for photography and therefore the interpretation of the light through the lens of a camera, as also a cinecamera.

Pushing more and more towards a complex and technically sophisticated as that of the electronic processing of color. Then follow in the footsteps of what will become for me the first and only master of this craft so wonderfully rich and complex at the same time. A figure that was the first in Europe to work from the first film (35mm) and also the first started this this job now call "colorists" in Italy,  Bruno Lombardi.


In 1997 i began to work at the Olimpus in Milan as assistant in the process of color grading by Ursa telecine Gold / Diamond with 35/16mm film media, using DaVinci Systems for color correction, for film and television.


In 1998 I began to work as a colorist under the supervision of Bruno Lombardi experimenting with various ways to interpret the image in terms of mood advertisements and films, to knowing more filming communication and trends of the period and proposals of the same visual language.


With the innovation of digital and high definition, I have specialized in the process of color correction in DI, files and digital media like Red, Canon, Sony, Phantom, Arri Alexa and continuing to this day with great passion this refinement in order to interpret and transform a given light, into something that enhances the base or if we like to call "the original raw".

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